Sights and Sounds of Israel

Although for many, Israel is the land of the Bible, it is actually so much more! Israel is a modern, developed country, located along the Mediterranean Sea. It is geographically and climatically diverse, with snow-capped mountains in the north in the winter alongside arid desert in the south and desolate areas alongside modern vibrant cities. Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps or Jerusalem, the capital, one-of-a-kind geographical wonders, the Ramon Crater and the Dead Sea (the lowest point on earth) all captivate visitors. I

srael, known as the Holy Land, the cradle of civilization, abounds with archaeological, historical and religious sites, alongside breathtaking landscapes. It is also a highly dynamic country, rich in cultural and leisure options, not to mention delectable culinary delights. Visitors enjoy safe, modern transportation and outstanding shopping as well as fun pubs and nightclubs. What’s more, Israel’s population is a mosaic of diversity.

Israel is an easily accessible destination, and small enough to drive from end to end in just a day. Ben Gurion International Airport, a modern airport, is just a 30-minute drive from major cities. Boasting a Mediterranean climate year-round, Israel is the perfect place for your next event.